microgaming-slotsThese games can be downloaded or played online using flash players. Microgaming have more than 80 slot games in their arsenal. The graphics are very realistic and the play is almost like being in a real casino. The games do not lag or skip when the wheels are spinning. A lot of games have extras like multi level bonuses.

Microgaming online casinos are not so much a place as it is a thing. It refers to the type of software used to provide the online casino experience. There are many providers of this software: some big names like Playtech, Boss Media, Party Gaming and a host of others. All of these companies design software for online gaming. They then market their wares to potential online casino owners.

In general the software seems pretty much the same; it is the subtleties that make all the difference in the playing experience. Look at it like this: if Baskin Robbins had stuck with just the three basic flavors, where would we be today? They realized that in order to have and keep an edge they had to appeal to an even larger market. Hence the thirty-one flavors. It is the same with the internet gaming market. Microgaming games are available in hundreds of styles and graphics.

Even though they may look the same, they are all unique in their programming. The players determine their own odds and payout levels. They even get to set the languages that a game can be played in. Some even do crazy things like stop one reel and let the others spin. It is all a matter of programming the software.

Today’s developers are light-years ahead of their predecessors and the graphics and games reflect this knowledge base.

These programs are consistently able to handle even the heaviest online casino traffic. There are almost no reports of crashes and sticking while playing these games. The proof is in the number of repeat players. The generous bonuses and fair limits keep players loyal, and if you have played any slots online you have used Microgaming software.

Most Popular Microgaming Slots

Best Microgaming Casino


  • Stability in the parent company.
  • An aggressive schedule of new promotions.
  • Quick payouts.

Microgaming Online Casinos

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 WILD JACK 500 Review
2 UK CASINO CLUB 100 Review
5 LADBROKES 500 Review
7 ALL JACKPOTS 500 Review
8 32 Red Casino 250 Review
9 LUCKY NUGGET 1,000 Review