ToggleCardToggleCard was established in 2005 and introduced a unique way of depositing money into an online casino account. Signing up to ToggleCard grants you a virtual credit card which is then pre-paid to ensure you don’t go over any limits. It can be used on any online casino offering ToggleCard compatibility.

After registering for free, a user will be given a 16-digit virtual card number which can be used to deposit money into a casino account. No physical card is actually sent to the user – it is all entirely electronic to reduce the chances of credit card fraud. Once the virtual card number is obtained, a user must transfer funds from their bank account onto the virtual card in order to use it. When the user wants to deposit money, he will be asked to enter only the virtual card details. This ensures that all personal details and bank card details are not revealed and is therefore a much more secure method of casino deposit.

Due to the fact the virtual credit card is not directly linked to any bank accounts, it is only possible to spend the balance which has been transferred into the ToggleCard account. This differs from conventional credit cards which usually have high spending limits and run the risk of spiraling out of control. To reduce risk even further, a ToggleCard virtual credit card number is only valid for one year and once the year is over it is possible to re-apply for a new number free of charge.

You can top up a ToggleCard account with any credit card held under your name and there is only a small top up charge. Similarly, there is also a small cost to obtain the ToggleCard number.