centralcoinDo you have any plans for going gambling online? Well if you have, Central Coin would be a good choice for you. Central Coin is an online payment service provider which will provide you with an e-check account enabling you to play at online casinos worldwide.

Central Coin will take care of your payments made either in cash or by personal checks without revealing your private information when buying goods and services online, getting paid or transferring funds from a bank account to e-commercial sites all across the world.

Signing up for a Central Coin account is free. Once you get the membership, you will be issued an account number and PIN number to validate all your e-cash transactions. You can log in to your Central Coin account with your username and password and deposit cash or personal checks.

Before anything else, you need to know if the online casinos of your choice accept payments through Central Coin. Getting an online payment provider that is favored and preferred by many online casinos can boost up your confidence besides making you feel secure when visiting the online casino market.

Your Central Coin account can be activated by e-cash from any bank account or an e-check, personal or commercial, deposited to your personal Central Coin account. Once your account is funded, you can get on with playing your favorite games at the online casinos.

However, US players still cannot use Central Coin to finance their e-gambling or accept winnings.

Central Coin maintains complete financial security in all its business transactions across the globe.