firepayFirepay is an online cash payment website that deals with payment by any individual who has an official U.S. bank account. A Firepay account functions like a credit card and is handled direct from a U.S. bank.

A Firepay account functions as a debit card. One has to deposit cash to activate the account. Once, it is activated and loaded with some cash, one can already start making purchases online, pay for services rendered and get paid from traded goods and services, and make e-cash transfers from a bank account to merchants’ account, or to another private account.

Signing-up is free to become a member of Firepay and no other charges are involved as far as membership registration is concerned.

Payments can be made instantly when buying goods and services online, withdrawals and e-money transfer from a bank account to merchants and gaming and gambling institutions. Firepay involves cash deposit movements, withdrawal activities and provides services to Firepay account holders to transfer cash electronically from their personal Firepay account to an e-cash gambling or gaming account.

With a Firepay bonus, it will make your e-wallet thick with more bucks. Firepay is the best e-wallet service provider among all competitive online payment service providers worldwide.

At present, Firepay is accessible only to account holders having US dollar bank accounts in the United States. However, Firepay does not welcome US players in online gambling sites. They can only make use of the account for online purchases, sending and receiving cash, withdrawals and e-cash transfer from a bank account to other sites except online casino sites.

Once personal information has entered into a Firepay information membership sheet, this information will be kept in utmost secrecy and privacy.

In every Firepay website, there is a list of online casinos that accept Firepay accounts. The list shows the incredible number of casinos that welcome Firepay and is testament to the fact that Firepay is reliable, secure and safe for anyone to send and receive cash through electronic transfer from all parts of the globe.

Firepay Casinos

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
3 ALL JACKPOTS 500 Review