citadelccommerceCitadel Commerce is a mark of prestige and security in the electronic world of commerce and industry. There is no other e-finance company that suggests so much stability and security when it comes to checking services. Many business enterprises online now recognize the reliability, dependability and trustworthiness of Citadel Commerce in e-business.

It should be stressed out that there is a difference between Citadel and Citadel Commerce.

To open an account with Citadel Commerce, one must possess an existing bank account at any financial establishment in the U.S.

Citadel Commerce has made a big impact in the world of e-casinos and electronically generated gambling sites. It is listed in many online casinos as one of their payment brokers. Citadel is known for accuracy, speed and credibility, when it comes to checking services of online players. That is why it is favored by thousands of online gaming players and gamblers all over the globe.

Citadel rocks the world through poker rooms and online casinos that have Citadel accreditation. Citadel is the perfect choice for players who opt for using checks instead of cash.

non-usIt should be noted that Citadel Commerce does not welcome US players in joining the bandwagon of modern electronic gambling on online casinos. This is due to the US legislation bill which was passed banning all US citizens from participating in the online gambling market.

All cash deposits are electronically made and are credited to your playing account instantly so there is no need to wait for it to take effect, which could otherwise take about 5-7 banking days to get cleared.

Citadel enables both payments to merchants, withdrawals and e-money transfers by way of a bank account to an e-enterprise account for any services or goods, or just a plain electronic transfer from a private bank account to another private account.

Citadel Commerce centers on checks issuance to get active in online gaming and gambling activities. You need to make cash deposits to your Citadel Commerce checking account before you can start the ball rolling for e-gambling in online casinos.

You should check the list of all online casinos that have Citadel and Citadel Commerce accreditation, for better, securer and faster payment facilitation in the gambling business.

Fully equipped with both Citadel and Citadel Commerce, you can now paint the town red by going through the streets of e-commerce and e-casinos.

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4 CASINO TROPEZ 3000 Review
5 EURO GRAND 1000 Review