nuchargeNuCharge allows users to deposit funds into various online casino accounts through the purchase of a pre-paid phone card, which can be exchanged for online casino credits.

NuCharge is a simple, secure way of depositing funds and only takes a small amount of time to set up. NuCharge pre-paid phone cards are sold from the NuCharge website and all a customer has to do to purchase one is fill out a brief application form and pay for the phone card by using their credit or debit card. The phone cards are sold in $100, $150, $200 and $300 categories. Once a card is purchased, the user will be sent a PIN number and a control number to their email address. Essentially, the card is virtual and no physical card is sent to an address so this method saves a significant amount of time.

With the PIN and control number, a user can deposit the amount held on the phone card into any online casino account that supports NuCharge. This is done by simply entering the phone card info in the cashier section of the casino website.

Every time the phone card is topped up, the user will incur a 3% service charge. However, the top up transfer is instant and the funds are transferred immediately into the casino account. The whole process is extremely quick and only costs a small fee.

Deposits into an online casino account are free and whenever money is credited to the card all the valuable data is SSL encrypted to ward off any potential fraudsters.

NuCharge only allows money to be deposited into online accounts and doesn’t cater for withdrawals. However using this unique method reduces the chances of a deposit being blocked by the authorities and provides certainty that your money can be transferred online.