Slots Tournaments


slots tournamentsSlots tournaments have been a popular event at land-based casinos for decades, and have now made their way onto the internet. Online casinos hold regular slots tournaments to keep the game fresh for an ever-growing list of gamblers. These tournaments accept small stakes and have literally brought Vegas to peoples’ homes. Now you can enjoy your favorite slot games and enter slots tournaments right on your desktop. Game developers are constantly finding new, better and bigger online slot machines for tournaments, which is why slot games are no longer solitary activities.

Current Slots Tournaments

Tournament Starts Ends Prize Pool Entry US Casino
€1k ‘3-Day’ Survivor

Slot game, varies
Open 22h 19m €1 €4 All Slots Casino
$250 Daily Freeroll

Slot game, varies
Open 22h 29m $250 0 32 Red Casino
€1,000 ‘All Day’ Extender

Slot game, varies
Open 23h 29m €1 €3 All Slots Casino
€1,000 ‘All Day’ Reloader

Slot game, varies
Open 23h 29m €1 €5 All Slots Casino
€250 ‘All Day’ One Shot

Slot game, varies
Open 23h 29m €250 €2 All Slots Casino
Weekend Whopper Qualifier

Slot game, varies
Open 1d 18h €450 €0 All Slots Casino
€11,000 Midweek Moolah

Slot game, varies
Open 1d 22h €11 €15 All Slots Casino
€2k ‘3-Day’ Survivor

Slot game, varies
Open 2d 10h €2 €8 All Slots Casino
€3k Survivor ‘Q1’

Slot game, varies
Open 2d 19h €360 €0 All Slots Casino
€1K ‘Weekly’ One Shot

Slot game, varies
Open 4d 20h €1 €5 All Slots Casino
€10k Sure Win Cup!

Slot game, varies
Open 2w 4d €10 €0 All Slots Casino

Slot game, varies
Open 3w 16h €175 €10 All Slots Casino

Slot game, varies
Open 3w 1d €1 €1 Lucky Nugget Casino
€11,000 Weekend Whopper

Slot game, varies
1d 22h 4d 22h €11 €15 All Slots Casino
€3k ‘3-Day’ Survivor

Slot game, varies
2d 10h 5d 10h €3 €12 All Slots Casino
€30,000 Monthly Monster

Slot game, varies
2w 4d 3w 4d €30 €25 All Slots Casino

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Rules, Payouts, Winnings and Tips for Slots Tournaments

Like-minded gamers have the chance to interact and compete in an online casino environment. For such events, online casinos select a number of online slots in accordance with themes, pay lines, or reels, and designate them as tournament machines. A specific time frame is set by the casino, which varies from a couple of hours to a few days or more. Most mini-tournaments are conducted for a few hours. Each participant is required to make his or her way to the top of the leader board by playing every designated online slot game. The rewards vary between casinos, with some based on the number of winnings while others may award prizes for those who have spent the most money or time on the designated slots. There are also amazingly high payouts compared to regular slot games. Progressive jackpots and a share in the total prize pool are the main features of slot tournaments, giving players the chance to win a fat wallet.

It is advisable to watch out for announcements by online casinos about scheduled slots tournaments. There are a few rules that the majority of online casinos adopt. Typically, an entry fee makes you eligible for a spot in the tournament with a preset number of credits that can be used as money on the slot machine. What’s great about these slots tournaments is that you compete with play money and don’t stand to lose anything except your entry fee. Every participant has the same odds and the same time limit. All you have to do is concentrate on getting the highest set of credits.

If you are looking for a few slot tournament tips then the first thing is to learn to play fast. Your finger must be on the spin button at all times. The objective is to make the most number of spins so you will need to play fast. Each spin will increase the chance of making a big total, while you lose any credit left at the end of the tournament.

Concentration is the key to success in a tournament. Don’t get distracted with every win, just keep on spinning and save the excitement for the end. As long as you stay focused, you can have a chance at winning. If you keep looking around, you end up slowing down your spinning time.

Remember, it is your playing style and a bit of luck that will dictate how much money is there for you. Some are huge tournaments that you will need to participate in for weeks, so make sure you are able to concentrate on every game. Some online casinos host free-roll tournaments, where all you need to do is sign up at the casino. These tournaments have large payouts especially during the holidays.

At the beginning of a slot tournament, every player has an equal chance of winning. Progressive jackpots are not paid in cash; however, you will receive the top tournament prize. Players are not required to play simultaneously, which makes it convenient for everyone.

It is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules of the tournament you wish to participate in. Payouts and other rules may be different. In some slots tournaments, you may be eligible to re-buy credits if you use up your initial amount. You will have to prepare well in case the tournament has a playoff.

With a relatively small investment, slots tournaments offer you the opportunity to earn large payouts and plenty of play-time. As long as you enter the tournament with a competitive spirit and the aim is to have some fun and entertainment, you will end up a winner, even if you don’t top the leader board.