NetPay casinoGuide to Using Netpay Casino Payment Method

NetPay allows users to deposit funds into, or withdraw funds from, an online casino account.

NetPay is very similar to a number of other online companies that offer deposits and withdrawals from a casino account though it differs in a few areas. Setting up a NetPay account is easy; all that is required to register on the NetPay website is an email address. This will grant a user an account which they then must add funds to. This can be done via a number of methods including wire transfer, cash deposit or credit card payment.

Once a NetPay account is funded, a user is able to deposit these funds into an online casino account that supports NetPay. These funds can also be withdrawn from the casino back into the NetPay account and then back into the user’s bank account.

NetPay offers a very secure service because all that is required is an email address so your bank and payment details are kept safe. The NetPay fees are relatively small as well and one transaction will incur a service charge of anywhere between 0.25% and 0.4% depending on the transaction. Also if a user wants to send a check via NetPay, perhaps to withdraw money, this process comes with a 4-7% service charge which again depends upon the circumstances surrounding the transaction.

NetPay keeps an account history for all its users, so should anyone wish to remind themselves of their transactions, they can simply be accessed via the website. NetPay is becoming increasingly popular amongst online casinos due to its ease of use and also because of the many bonuses offered to account holders for referrals to other potential users.