credit cards casinoWith state of the art technology, credit cards have rocked the world since their use was adopted by millions of holders worldwide. They can benefit almost everyone, alleviating the need to carry extra cash for large purchases, so increasing safety to some degree. Carrying a credit card is advantageous to the holder as much as to the financial institution which owns the card.

Today, credit cards are acquiring more and more public acceptance worldwide: consumers need them, merchants need them to promote more sales, and the banks and financial institutions benefit from them.

visa credit cards casinoVisa is the largest provider of credit cards worldwide. Today, mostly everyone possesses a Visa card. It can be found in almost everybody’s wallet. There are lots of Visa card types to select from according to one’s needs and almost all of them are acceptable at online casinos.

mastercard_logoMastercard is the forerunner in the credit and debit cards industry. There are three kinds of Mastercard: debit, credit or prepaid card. You need to choose which one suits your needs perfectly. All three kinds are accepted in online casinos.

A prepaid card can be a very good alternative for credit cards, especially if your credit card history is not that good. This would also be a safer option to use in online casinos since the amount available on the card is limited to its pre-paid value.

Most online casinos accept credit card payments through Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard. Unfortunately, most online casinos do not accept US players using credit cards as a medium of payment.

There are online casinos which prefer deposits to be made via credit cards, so much so that they offer a 25 percent bonus on all credit card deposits.