When it comes to online casinos and online gambling, the easiest way to make money is either with Blackjack or Roulette. Today we’ll solely focus on online Roulette in particular and share with you a very easy method you can implement to maximize your earnings. Winning at Roulette is simpler than you might think, the only trick is to try not to get noticed by the websites who’ve got auto-detection software installed on them that keep you from winning too much money. The truth is, you can win a lot of money at online Roulette, but if you’re not careful and get greedy you will lose all your money.

So, how do I win thousands of dollars by playing Roulette online? It’s simple, you only need to focus on 4 little blocks namely: Black, Red, Odds, Evens. That’s it. Ignore all the other numbers and you simply can’t fail. How this works, is that you need to have at least $400 as a starting balance; the more the better.

Start off by betting on either red or black by placing the minimum bet, if you lose, click “double” and spin again. Repeat this until you win. Each time you double up, you will place a double bet. Meaning if you place $5 and lose, pressing “double” will increase your bet to $10, doing so again will increase it to $20… This is why you need a good starting balance. It’s only a matter of time before it lands on your color and you can get rich $5 at a time using this method.

Also, keep an eye on odd and even numbers. For example: if you see the last 3 numbers was even, place a bet on odds and keep doubling up until you win. Use several online casinos as they are trained to detect this and stop you from winning if you stay longer than 1 hour or win more than triple your starting balance.