Craps is seen as a very energetic and busy game, it’s fast and extremely exciting. You might think that all the numbers and lines look like a rather confusing mess but let’s see how it’s played. The dice used to play craps with is a standard set of dice, numbers on each dice raging from 1-6. Next you have a shooter, the purpose of the game is for the shooter to set up a point number and roll that number again before rolling a 7. The person rolling the dice at that time is known as the shooter.

When the shooter rolls the dice it needs to be rolled from the one end to the other end of the table. Both dice should hit the far wall; short throws are normally not a problem when the shooter is a first timer, if both dice hit the wall it is considered as fair. Each time the dice is rolled it’s called a “Roll”. Everyone takes turns rolling the dice and the other of the rolls is counter clockwise around the table. If you don’t feel lucky you have the option to pass on a roll. Come out roll is the term used for the first roll by a new shooter.

Then we get to the bets, one of the basic craps bests is known as the Pass Line. If you bet on the pass line you are betting with the person rolling the dice, the shooter needs to roll either a 7 or 11 and the Pass line will then win. If the shooter loses because he/she rolled a 2,3 or 12, then the pass line loses. There are numerous things to know before playing craps, these are just some of the basics. Remember that if you’re not sure on how to play craps and you want to learn make sure that you don’t bet too big. Have fun learning.