Stephen Sandstrom, representative of the state of Utah within the US, have announced this month that in the event that US congress passes the bill to legalize online gambling nationwide, that he will impose a ban which will prevent the state of Utah to do any type of gambling.

This will include the banning of both online and offline casinos. Sandstrom stated that he believes gambling will have a very negative effect on the public and will ensure that Indian casinos don’t start popping up everywhere, which is his biggest fear. Sandstrom was born and raised in Utah, and fears for the state’s future if and when congress approves gambling.

In an attempt to prevent casinos from being built, Hawaii has also been said to consider joining the cause of Sandstrom. This means that Utah and Hawaii will be the only two states that will put this gambling ban in place if congress decides to go this route.

It is unclear when congress will make their decision regarding online gambling, but Sandstrom is one person who will keep a close eye on the progress and initiate the ban as soon as the decision has been made.