In recent times, Camelot, the company responsible for operating the National Lottery in the United Kingdom, has come under scrutiny by the Health Lottery. This came to light as the National Lottery made a bold statement that the Health Lottery are taking funds through shady methods, revenue that’s usually shared with charity organizations.

This has outraged many residents who heard about the ordeal, but the Health Lottery says that they’ve done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever, and that they’re entitled to their share. Tory MP Therese Coffey confronted the Gambling Commission’s Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Williams, as to why the Health Lottery was issued with 51 separate licenses to legalize these alleged “thefts”. She stated that there was one license for each community within the Health Lottery.

John Penrose, who is in charge of handling Gambling-related issues in the UK said that he needs solid proof that the Health Lottery is doing something wrong. He also said he wants to reform the online gambling legislation but that matter is said to only be resolved in 2014 since the next session of parliament will delay the process, which will run from 2012 to May 2013. This delay has sparked some mistrust among many, and the words “shady practices” might not be so far off the mark.