Charles Fey invented the very first slot machine in the year 1895, which is considered to be the golden year in the history of slots games. As the popularity of these machines multiplied, many other casinos started to install slot machines in their bustling game rooms. The rules of this popular casino game were quite simple back then and continue to be the same, even now. Apart from the hours full of fun and excitement, the gamblers also get an opportunity to try their hand at earning a good fortune. This is the reason behind the widespread popularity of slots all around the globe.

Slot machines aren’t confined to the boundaries of the traditional brick-and-mortar casinos only. In this modern-day technological era, when most people are found glued onto their personal computers, free slots games online have found their way into the virtual world of gaming. If Charles Fey were to return alive today and look at the descendants of his invention, it would definitely be challenging for him to recognize them, especially with the huge improvement and evolution of this game. Hardcore gamers as well as gamblers are gradually realizing the power of playing slots online, thereby making the game an Internet phenomenon of sorts, possibly even more popular than their land-based counterparts.

Online slot machines are increasingly becoming a hot online commodity with each passing day. Not only do these virtual machines promise hours of fun and entertainment, but one can also go online to play free slots. With the constant rise in the popularity of free online slots, and also the machines involving real money, people continue to wonder what this attraction is all about. To some people, this attraction is all too obvious, while others find it difficult to find a solid reasoning behind this euphoria.

In the recent past, various slot reviews declared slot machines as the second best attractions in casinos. However, presently, they are one of the hot favorites among gamers and gamblers from all walks of life and age groups. Here are some reasons why:


The online availability of slot machines makes everything seem possible. The days when gamers and gamblers had to stick to the traditional reels with fruit drawings, are long gone now. Today, players have a plethora of options when it comes down to playing online slots of various themes and subjects. Moreover, the Internet slots have also evolved to the next stage where players can reap the benefits of playing video slots. The advanced web developers have managed to include lots of additional features to the traditional casino game, in order to attract more number of gamers.

Payout System

With online slots, the money payout system becomes somewhat complex and which, therefore, increases one’s chances of winnings. According to the latest payout system followed by the Internet slot machine owners, the players are given an option to choose the type of game and the machine they want to play on. Through such improved systems, players can have more control on their gaming progress.


Since online slots can be played right from the comforts of one’s home; people need not dress up anymore and can continue playing slots while wearing their saggy sweatpants with the curry stains! All it requires is a computer and a decent Internet connection to enjoy the fun and excitement of online slots, from anywhere in the world. It saves time and money, which would have otherwise been expended on a trip to Las Vegas, or any other casino. Online slots have made casino gaming, comfortable and convenient!


Yes, even the Internet slot vendors have their private forum websites. This is one of the most distinguishing features that have been added by advanced developers to make the online gaming experience even more interactive. The players get a chance to have a word with fellow gamers and also share experiences. It is one healthy move towards uniting the world population at one place, for a harmless and entertaining cause.

No matter how bustling the land-based casinos are and how lucrative the rewards they offer get, the popularity of virtual slots games continue to multiply. At such a pace, one can expect the online slot industry to outdo its traditional counterpart, the physical slot machines at the brick-and-mortar casinos, in the times to come.