Maryland, the place of much discussion regarding a new casino being built in the area, has taken further steps in order to materialize this vision of a county that’s comparable to the likes of Delaware and Pennsylvania. Last month, it was unsure whether the new casino would be built, since many of St. George’s County’s residents have signed petitions to boycott the plan that they said would destroy families and increase debt for some.

Authority figures has brought to light a new bill that overthrows any negativity surrounding the new Maryland casino, where Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. wrote that a portion of the earnings from the new casino would go to a new Hospital system in the area.

It seems they are the good guys now, or at least pretending to be. Wolves in sheep’s clothing is what they’re being described as by some, where others feel this is a huge step in the right direction for the growth and development for the region. It remains to be seen whether this bill will be passed, with speculation that the owners are looking to build 1 more casino after this one takes off, bringing the total to 6 major gambling spots in the area.