If you haven’t noticed already, quite a few of the popular slot machine companies have decided to take the fun straight to your mobile phone by offering free application downloads. Although there aren’t too many good ones available on the market just yet, many companies like AllSlots have revolutionized what others are trying to accomplish by bringing out an Android app that looks and sounds great.

They’ve ensured hours of fun for anyone who’s over 18 by providing a state of the art application that includes HD graphics and amazing sound. After they’ve released this app in February, their competitors have jumped on board as many other online slot machine companies have started on developing or improving their own mobile casino apps.

It’s only a matter of time before every online slot machine company has their own apps, but for the moment the clear leaders are AllSlots. What makes this great is that we can now play for real money whenever we want, right from our mobile phones. What this means is no more boring waiting in queues and waiting to board at the airports, something most of us hate. Instead, you can sit back, relax and have some fun playing your favorite slot machine and maybe even win some large amounts of money while doing so.

Since many online slot machine companies have also introduced many foreign currencies, it makes Android apps an even better idea as it can reach a global market. Soon enough, it won’t matter where you come from or which country you live in, you’ll be able to enjoy slot machines on your own mobile phone whenever and wherever you want. With that being said, go check out any slot machines site we’ve got listed on our page and keep an eye out for free downloadable slot machine apps.