I remember playing online blackjack as a kid (no real cash obviously) and starting out with $100 which I turned into $20,000 in a day, nearly every day. I was about 13 at the time. Although online Blackjack games have systems installed to detect winnings and stop them once you’re on a roll, this strategy I want to share can be very effective if you avoid using the same site each day. It’s also very effective in live casinos, so try to implement the following free blackjack tips to your play.

1. Find a table that has a minimum bet that doesn’t exceed 5% of your starting cash to give you a fair chance.
2. Find the rules of the table, not all are always the same these days. Initially, you’re looking for the options to double and split your cards. Also ensure your selected dealer follows the 17 rule, meaning they can’t take chances by hitting on 17 or above.
3. If a dealer has a starting hand that contains an 8, 9, 10, ace or any face cards, always hit if you’ve got less than 17 in your hand.
4. If a dealers hand contains two of the following; 4, 5 or 6, always stay on 12 or above as the dealer’s “bust” rate is on average 40% when being dealt with these cards.
5. Never split 10’s or face cards unless the dealer has two of these; 4, 5 or 6. Always split lower values, except for 5’s which are considered too unpredictable. 7’s and 8’s are considered to be the best cards to split should a dealer have a poor hand.

These Blackjack tips will give you a 55%+ winning chance, so take control of the Blackjack game and see the winnings roll in. Remember to stay undetected, once you’ve tripled your earnings, move on to the next table.