When it comes to online gambling, you’re generally provided with the option to play either slot machines or table games, such as poker, blackjack or roulette. If you’ve just logged on to your favorite online casino for a mind numbing, relaxing experience, then slot machines might be the obvious choice for most of us. Slot machines don’t require any concentration on your part, unlike the table games which has just as much to do with strategy as with luck.

I’ve been asked several times what the best way is to make money, whether you’ll have more luck with slot machines or at the tables, which can look so intimidating to some. Truth is, slot machines have more to do with luck than anything else. Chances that you’re going to get rich with slot machines are rather slim to be honest; it’s fairly similar to playing the lottery. Table games on the other hand, give you much more control over your potential winnings. If you’re cash-strapped, or don’t have too much money to gamble with, rather avoid the tables as your money can disappear just as quickly.

The great thing about online casinos’ table games, -is that you control how much money you spend, especially with games like poker. If you have $400 or more to spend, I strongly suggest heading for a roulette or blackjack table if you’re not too familiar with poker. Poker has a much bigger learning curve and opponents can be extremely tough to beat if you don’t know what you’re doing, so avoid that and rather focus on one of the other tables. Start with minimum bets and work your way up as you start getting the hang of it. I’m not saying slot machines are a waste of money, because tons of people have won millions with these games, but if you’re thinking big earnings instead of “jackpot”, stick with the tables.