Many of us who like to gamble online don’t always have a proper goal in mind other than getting rich quick, which is never a smart idea. Have you ever noticed, that if you play for fun that you’re more likely to win? This is just Murphy’s Law, if there’s no greed and eagerness involved your chances are mysteriously doubled. This has nothing to do with luck, this is simply due to the particular mindset you’ve adopted before logging onto an online casino.

Set a goal before you start flogging all your money towards the house. If you start small, -let’s say you just want to double your starting money, it’s a much easier task to focus on and you’ll win evidently. Do your best to control that money-hungry side of yours, because getting greedy and seeing dollar bills flashing on a single machine can be poison to your finances.

If you notice that one machine/game is winning you some decent money, always keep in mind that online gambling sites were designed for the house to win, and move on to the next before getting detected and losing it all. I’ve made this mistake once; I started with $400 playing online roulette using a single machine, about 3 hours later my balance was standing on $21,000+. I couldn’t believe how easy it was and kept playing, staying with the “lucky” table. Within 2 minutes my earnings went down to $160, less than what I started with.

Sometimes we need to learn the hard way, and online gambling will teach you a tough lesson if you don’t follow our advice. Switch tables constantly, don’t stay on 1 table for more than 2 hours and never think you’re on a roll. If you start seeing big amounts flowing into your account, it’s time to move on; because if you don’t you’ll lose it all.