It seems that this State wants absolutely nothing to do with online gambling. The recent bill that was passed, House Bill 108, prohibits internet gambling on any handheld devices of all sorts and computers. Stephen Sandstorm, a republican representative, introduced the bill and was quoted by saying: “We want to keep Utah free from the negative impact of legalized gambling.”

The vote was counted at 25 for the prohibiting of online gambling against 2 members who opposed. It was also said that internet service providers will not be criminalized by the proposed law.

As from 1896 all forms of gambling, whether it be gambling or wagering, was prohibited in Utah. They just took the next step in getting online gambling out of the way as well. Gambling has not been prohibited in places like Nevada where gambling is regulated and licensed now.

Stephen Sandstorm also went on by saying: “Without courageous leadership to block internet gaming, Utah could see Indian casinos popping up statewide in just a few years. Utah is only one of two states that prohibit any form of gambling, Hawaii being the other.

Unfortunately, this could change soon because Hawaii is currently considering legalizing gaming leaving Utah to fight the principled fight against legalized gambling on its own.”