On a fine Tuesday eve this week in Las Vegas, a contest that started out with 6,865 contestants drew to a close as Pius Heinz from Germany claimed the prestigious World Series of Poker (WSOP) title. The German-born national walked away with a whopping $8.72 million after a nail-biting encounter with Martin Staszko from Czech Republic, going all in with a hand containing an ace-kind, while Martin Staszko had a 7-10 of clubs in his hand.

Pius Heinz won the title with what is referred to as “the ace-high” since the board had a 2 of diamonds, 9 of spades, 5 of clubs, 4 of diamonds and a jack of hearts. Needless to say Heinz won in style by out-performing nearly 7,000 contestants.

The competition started in July, 2011, where the 7,000 was cut down to just 9 in one month alone. Last Sunday, the remaining 9 contestants returned to Las Vegas for the WSOP finals where just 3 of them remained at the end of the day.

The competition drew to a close as Ben Lamb, a local Las Vegas resident took a risky chance by going all-in on the very first hand. This aggressive play quickly turned against him as he was ousted in round 4 already. Two remained, -and Heinz undoubtedly walked away the happiest man in all of America.