What seems to be a brilliant investment at the moment, New York has opened the doors to its first casino last month (October 2011) which is located in Queens. Thousands of enthusiasts from all over flocked the subway system last month with the opening.

The casino opened by businessman Wayne Newton has already won a woman $58,000 over at the “Wall Street Winners” slot machine, which has caused quite an uproar all over New York. Although the casino is very far from firmly establishing itself as a profitable investment, the opening has been a major success. Profits are rolling in steadily with many of the newly-crowned “regulars” hailing from Manhattan, which is quite a lengthy subway ride away.

Many people have concerns regarding the casino’s location being in Queens, -which was touted to scare off many potential customers, but so far this doesn’t seem to be the case when you look at the thousands of enthusiastic gamblers flocking Wayne Newton’s new casino.

With the casino still in the beginning stages, it seems all is well in place. Only time will tell how successful this new casino will be, and if rumors of mobsters and other gang related crimes will prove to be true. So far, so good.