mac slots

Mac slots are designed specifically for Macintosh users, as the name indicates. There is a plethora of online casinos and slot machines but unfortunately for Mac users quite a few of them are only compatible with Windows based computers. Mac users are a devout bunch; some enjoy the increased safety from computer viruses (most viruses are targeted towards Windows based computers) while others prefer the layout, ease of navigability and the overall look and feel. Yet many online casinos either overlook this segment of the online population or regard them as secondary, creating a void to be filled in the area of online casinos.

Free Mac Slots

Free Mac slots are the first and most obvious sign that someone is stepping up to the plate. Since the market of online casinos for Mac users is still a niche market, though casinos are starting to catch up, quite a few software developers have created mobile slots exclusively for Macs. This is hardly a surprise since the Mac world is known for third party software developers publicly testing their designs. Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, ffMpegX video editing software and Open Office are but a few examples of third party software developed with Mac users in mind. Typing “Mac slots” into a search engine will turn up results as well that can fit with Mac computers.

The Big Boys are missing out

Two well known rivals in the world of online slots, Sloto Cash and Super Slots are both incompatible with Macs as well as VIP Slots. Online casinos such as Aladdin’s Gold and Caribbean Gold are also Windows only. The list of online casinos that don’t support Macs is endless. Why they are so slow to catch on is anybody’s guess.  Golden Casino is one of the online casinos that do cater to the Mac community.  Rushmore Casino is another one that is filling the Mac gap.

Bottom line

The bottom line is Mac users make up a significant portion of the computer using population yet online casinos have virtually ignored them. By doing so they have left a huge void to be filled giving independent software developers opportunity to step up and offer an extensive selection of free online slots. The Windows only online casinos have deprived themselves of a lot of revenue. Had they been more accommodating to Mac users it is likely that the free Mac slots would have never appeared, or at least not in such abundance. But the online casinos are not the only ones to make such a mistake; any business that overlooks or dismisses such a large group pays the price for their shortsightedness in lost revenues.

It is not inconceivable that in the near future their may be an emergence of online casinos that cater to Mac users, or at least regard them to be of equal importance as Windows users. Mac users aren’t merely Mac users, they’re Mac fans. Their computers are to them what a hot rod is to the person who restored and drives it. To overlook such a loyal market is a mistake. And until the online casinos catch up there will be plenty of free slots specifically for Macs.