One of the leading online slot machine sites in the UK, JackpotJoy, have announced early yesterday that a man named David has won a whopping £42,670 by playing one of his favorite online slots named Tiki Temple.

The game has been said to be very popular lately according to the owners, since the online slot machine known as Tiki Temple offers multi line slots and random wild cards, increasing the player’s chances to win.

With a multi line slot machine, both online and off, users have the option to place multiple bets on a single spin on a number of lines. You can win 9x what you’d normally win on some of these machines, making it immensely popular.

Tiki Temple, the online slot machine responsible for David’s extravagant jackpot winnings, has a minimum amount of only 1 penny per line. David couldn’t believe his luck and considers himself the average Joe with a habit of spending time playing online slots on a regular basis stating, “It proves that people like me can win progressive jackpots like these and others”.

It remains to be seen whether JackpotJoy’s customer base will grow after this news, but it’s expected to generate much interest from online gamblers.