For many of us, winning the lottery is a dream we all chase on a weekly basis. Even though we know chances are slim to none of actually winning millions of dollars we continue to play and hope for the best. There’s a new way of playing the lottery, one that can increase your chances of winning, but it all depends on where you look. In our modern time of technology buying lottery tickets online seems to have become the new craze in the online gambling world, with millions of people trying their luck on a per-second basis. There are a number of risks however.

Since online lottery systems have taken the world by storm, this also sparked major interest amongst scam artists out there. Online lottery websites seem to pop up each day, claiming that you can easily win millions of dollars for only a small investment. What makes the sites harder to detect, is the fact that they let you continue to play each and every week without actually giving you too much proof that you weren’t successful. Okay, let me clear that up because I found one of these sites; this is what they’ve done in my case, take note…

Each time a user plays, they send them a follow-up email after the draw date with the “winning numbers”. Of course, you never win anything. They also offer some “free entries” to entice users to continue playing, and build up false hope which results in more return customers. What I noticed eventually, was that the “winning numbers” they sent each time was nowhere to be found on the website itself. With a different account, playing the same game at the same time, I noticed that these winning numbers didn’t match. Always be on the lookout for this, if the winning lottery numbers for the last few draws aren’t visible on the main site, it’s likely a scam site and should be avoided.

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