How to Play Online Slots

Think about flying to Las Vegas over the Christmas holidays? Apart from enjoying the atmosphere of the city especially at night, first time visitors are very likely to also stop at one of the famous casino in town. Most first time players make the mistake to just go in and start playing. In general it is also better to make yourself familiar with the basics of casinos, because many people tend to try their luck at slot machines, which seem quite a lot of fun with their lights and sounds and are especially designed to keep players playing, and in the end lose lots of money because they don’t understand the method of the machines.

Here is what you need to know before hitting one the casinos, or even if you try your luck with online slots:
There are many different types of slot machines in casinos which vary in their design, how they work and how they payout. Today most machines will have an instruction sheet attached, most commonly above the screen. You should read these before starting to play as they have value information on how the machine works and calculates the pay out. Also check if you can use coins at the machine as most of the modern casinos use tickets and cards these days. Same applies to the coin tray: if you are looking for this one you might look forever. If you have made yourself familiar with all this, you can now insert a coin or your card. Remember, once you have put your money in, it is no longer yours and you can consider yourself lucky if you win big time.

As mentioned before, read the instructions to understand your payout. Common slot machines tend to have three paylines. You can spot these lines easily as are the marks where the symbols stop. You should already be familiar with the symbols: These usually are cherries, 7s, plumps or strawberries. Online you will find a wider range of slot games with different symbols depending on the games. These can be movie or game characters, candies or other. With the instructions you should have a basic understanding on how the payout is calculated, for instance that a line with the same three symbols has a higher payout than two.
Professional gamblers also always try to get into a bonus game, regardless of what their payline payout is. In these bonus games you can rack up the money. If you get lucky, and you win big, you should consider leaving the machine or try to move to another game.