With Florida facing an economical crises, the chamber of commerce is contemplating leaning away from the family picture-perfect image created by the Walt Disney company and more towards opening 3 luxurious casinos in the near future. A Malaysian company, Genting Corporation, plans to lend a hand in creating the biggest resort casino in all of America.

The bill for completing these 3 resort casinos in the Dade and Broward counties are said to total around $2 billion. The Genting Corporation has already bought out the Miami Herald headquarters, totaling a massive $236 million in order to create space for the construction of one of these casinos, spreading across 30 acres of land.

Govt. Rick Scott promised to create more jobs and decrease the 10.6 percent unemployment rate figures, although he seems to be neither for-or against the construction of these resort casinos. A majority of residents are concerned for the future should these casinos be built, while other are excited about the thousands of potential jobs that will be generated.

Despite many negative remarks in the media, it seems the Florida board will allow the construction to continue as long as they receive their cut from the multi-billion dollar monopoly.