The online winners list are said to be mostly hogged by American players, seeing that Cherry Red online casino has a huge list of American players. Normally the winners list at online casinos is rarely crowned with American players, but at Cherry Red online casino it’s different. Most of the winners listed are for online slot games but this month the top spot has gone to Senol Y of Turkey on European Roulette. His win was a staggering amount of $40,061, it’s believed that he was wagering on inside bets that had higher payouts.

Second on the list of winners is Jean S of the United States, he won an amount of $34,300 on the White Rhino video slots. This slots game is a recently released game by Cherry Red online Casino. The third winner on the list is Toni B of the United States, also winning with slots an amount of $22,308. Fourth position was also taken by someone from the US with a slots game, James E, an amount of $17, 286. In fifth place Estelle H from Australia who won $14,795 also with slots. Congratulations to everyone. To view the winners list on Cherry Red online casino you can click on the “About Us” page.