The European Union can see the positive side to gambling, claiming that they are willing to help the local gambling markets as much as they can to avoid giving others an unfair advantage when it comes to online gambling. The US on the other hand, is constantly fighting to try and limit gambling sites and casinos from opening, claiming that they have a negative effect on the public.

Member states of the EU are guarding their gambling enterprises despite the new gambling laws, however these states are forced to comply with the EU law in order to avoid court proceedings. The EU states that online gambling can do wonders for business and the economy, but a few states are trying to keep foreigners out by limiting their online gambling reach to only locals in the area.

While the EU us looking to develop casinos and encourage online gambling, the US is up in arms when it comes to anything casino, gambling or betting-related. In other countries, such as Kyrgyzstan, online gambling has been banned completely to try and “save” the public; something that might be seen in the US in the near future if the parliament members leading the boycott, wins.