Today I’d like to share a personal story with you in the hopes that you will learn from my mistake and use it to your advantage to gain maximum profits from online slot machines or table games found at every online casino. This story involves playing roulette at an online gambling site, but In all honesty I’ve learnt it over and over again with both slot machines and blackjack in particular.

I started out on one site with a $400 deposit after learning a neat little roulette trick which I have shared on this site before (so look for that one). It involves betting only on black, red, odds, evens and the occasional zero. This was probably the most exciting and most depressing day of my life. I took my last $400 which was my first mistake and started playing.

4 Hours later after applying my fool-proof strategy, I had $19,740 in my account. I was so happy at that stage and thought that I would be able to clear all my outstanding debts by playing another hour, plus have tons of extra cash to enjoy. The system on this particular site caught on to what I was doing and my strategy started failing big time!

I lost everything in a matter of 5 minutes, leaving me with a mere $168, less than what I started with. Moral of the story: Always use 3-4 casinos and never play on the same site for more than an hour before moving on to the next, and never play when you can’t afford it. This happened a few years ago but I remember it as it was yesterday. Don’t make the same mistake. Online slot machines and gambling sites CAN make you rich, but you need to play it smart.