Recent changes in the Gaming Corporation and Ontario Lottery system, according to Counselor Jody Jenkins, allows downtown landmarks to boast slot machines and other gambling platforms. Jenkins is also a member of the Memorial Arena sub-committee, and stated that if the possibility of bringing slot machines to the arena for future use, that it should and will be considered.

Mayors of both Peterborough and Ottawa support the idea, claiming that having slot machines in the centre of their cities will attract more people and generate increased revenue for the growth of the cities. Many believe the slot machine attraction on a historical site to be a disgrace, so plans might not go as smoothly as the organizers might wish for.

The Belleville Memorial Arena has caused much speculation with regards to future use of the building, and while many claim the slot machines to be a great idea, others say they will not step foot near the building if it is to be transformed into a gambling den.

Although most skeptics of the idea despise gambling, many non-gamblers know how popular slot machines are and claim that the idea is a very good one and will be great for the growth of the economy.