Having been in various casinos over the years, I constantly hear whispers from all around as soon as someone wins at a slot machine. “I knew I should’ve stayed at that machine”, or “If only we played that one”. Fact of the matter is, that slot machines have absolutely nothing to do with anything like “the 10 millionth roll will win the jackpot”, it’s all automated number-randomizing mechanisms placed within each machine.

So how do slot machines work? Well, these mechanisms generate numbers every split second throughout the day, even if nobody plays them. So, this means that it’s all to do with luck. There’s no sure way of pre-determining a winning machine, -and it doesn’t mean that if someone wins thousands on one machine that your chances on that particular slot is any better than another. With every pull, totally random numbers appear.

Most people make the mistake of thinking “ah I was so close to that 777, I’m sure to hit the Jackpot if I keep playing this machine”. No, sad and not true at all. I cannot tell you exactly how to win every time, otherwise the world would be overrun with slot machine millionaires, but there are some general tips which might improve your chances somewhat.

Tip 1: Always play “Old school” slot machines as opposed to progressive slots. More colors and numbers drastically reduce your chances of winning.

Tip 2: Always play machines with high payouts. Try and stick to $1 and above machines. If you’re looking to win big, you need to play big. It doesn’t help you win the jackpot on a 10c machine if you’re chances are pretty much the same on the other.

Tip 3: Ask an employee which slot machine is a regular winner, bribing them to a cut of your winnings will improve their honesty which is always well worth it.