Just as things were starting to look up for Pennsylvania Casino, based in Erie, the man no known as “Lucky Lenny” crippled their profits by walking away with a massive $568,290. The casino were finally starting to pull in a 30% profit in October after struggling with table games, but that came to an abrupt end at the end of November when 25+ year old, Lucky Lenny walked through the door wearing his diamond, gold plated ring with the inscription, “lucky” engraved on it.

Casino visitors who stood by claimed the man was smartly dressed and very calm and collected. It was a matter of hours before he crippled the dealer before walking away with half a million dollars. The Pennsylvania casinos are really struggling with the losses, and have recently been dubbed to have the lowest profit pulling casinos in the country, something they’re trying to turn around.

The casino spokesperson refused to give the details of this man, claiming that he was a beginner card reader with an exceptional IQ and a vast memory. This was the worst loss the Erie-based casino had on a Blackjack table in its history. It remains to be seen what the Pennsylvania casinos will do to prevent such occurrences from happening again.