All slots have come into the limelight yet again. After major announcements including releasing Android mobile apps, new video slots and many other features leaving their competitors behind when it comes to online slot machines and online gambling as a whole, they’re continuing to steal the spotlight.

Just before the weekend, David Bingham, Vice President of All Slots Casino Player Affairs announced yet another 2 new slot machines for the public. Both of these games, -entitled Old King Cole and Power Spins Nuclear 9s, offer huge bonuses and unique themes which are sure to please the crowd.

If you’re signed up at All Slots already, you’ll receive double loyalty points for trying out these 2 new games, which David said are very advanced technologically compared to other online slot machines and casinos.

These games seem to be a bit advanced, but once you get the hang of them you can win big without too much effort. Old King Cole for one gives you free spins so it’s probably best to start there. All Slots have been making headlines for the past few months and continue to impress in the news sections all over the internet. If you haven’t signed up there yet, there’s no better time than now.