The popular All Slots Casino based in Quebec, Canada, has introduced a new currency to their system which allows Australians to gamble in their own currency. Owners have noted that a lot of Australians prefer All Slots, but many of them have complained about the fact that they can’t bet in their own currency, an issue that’s now been resolved.

Just days after the All Slots Casino released a formal Press Release introducing the new currency; they’ve also announced yesterday that they integrated the AUD currency on their mobile sites, simply known as All Slots Mobile. This news is welcomed by Australian residents that see this adjustment as a sign of trust and a step in the right direction for the online casino.

The owners wanted to get things in order just in time for Australia Day, which is the country’s national day. Now Australians can enjoy playing a wide variety of games on their phones anywhere they go and expect no difficulties whatsoever when attempting to withdraw their winnings. This decision was made after a soar in the gambling world which saw Australians taking up a real liking for online casinos. It remains to be seen how quick the other casino will adjust to match All Slots Casino and All Slots Mobile.