Even though majority wins in the Maryland county of Prince George, this is not enough to win the council over as the struggles to avoid bankruptcy and win public favor continue. Most of the residents here say they are not too bothered, but others are attempting to boycott the bill by signing petitions for a local ban on slot machines and casinos in general.

Even though the media suggests that Maryland county voters will have the final say in the matter, a massive effort to ban slots in the area has been established since the bankruptcy of Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, which has been put up for auction in February 2011.

The General assembly has been approached by Councilman Eric Olson from College Park to try and persuade the board to implement the banning of any slot machines in the area due to the Rosecroft Raceway incident in attempt to avoid this from happening to other businesses.

Although Maryland voters have the majority of votes in favor of slot machines in the area, the decision ultimately rests on the final results after the Prince George’s votes has been counted, says Mel Franklin, Councilman from Upper Marlboro.