In our day and age, scam sites are popping up each day as scam artists have seen a major gain in the online gambling world when it comes to conning people out of their hard earned cash. There are several dead giveaways that can pinpoint a scam site from a legit online gambling site, some of which we will be sharing here today.

1. The first thing you should always look out for are reviews from several sites, not just one or two because this can be done by anybody. I’m talking at least 100+ reviews from 2 or more sites. Avoid any site that has less than this, at least for now.
2. Secondly, always check that it’s a registered company by viewing their contact page and address, which should be compared to their “whois”, something that you can easily check by doing a standard Google search.
3. Beware of large bonuses and any sites that don’t require “minimum winnings” before you’ll be able to withdraw your money, as this is a standard principal amongst the legit online gambling sites. If a site refuses to pay out your money for whichever ridiculous reason, you’re most likely on a scam site.
4. Don’t trust your incredible luck on free games. This is an attractive feature for many scam sites. Even though it’s used by legit sites as well, if you find yourself winning $10k within 5 minutes with $100 fake money there’s clearly something wrong and you should think twice before signing up (see step 1 and 2)
5. Beware of spam emails from unknown casinos! This is very common lately. Best to get a Gmail account since they provide you with a warning as soon as you open the mails, although some might still get through. Once again, refer to step 1 and 2 especially to avoid online gambling scams.