When it comes to playing online slot machines, you should know exactly how they work and what your chances are before you start spending your money. Many people claim that they have a secret formula to slot machine success but this is very far from the truth. Here are some online slot machine tips you shouldn’t ignore:

1. Payouts are completely random, don’t ever think that if you’re the millionth player you’ll hit the jackpot, because your chances of winning the jackpot as player #10 are just as good.
2. There is no formula for winning at slot machines. Not even slot machine manufacturers can predict when winnings will occur.
3. Slot Machine payouts generally range from 80%-98%, meaning that for every $100 a slot machine takes in, it pays out between $80 and $98. You’re fighting a losing battle, so always quit while you’re ahead.
4. The more lines are visible on a machine, the more difficult it is to win. Don’t be fooled by claims that you have 9x more chances of winning simply because there are more lines, because this will drain your money much faster and decrease your chances of winning.
5. Video Reel Slots and Progressive Slots have a lower payout percentage compared to other slot machines, so avoid these if you can. Progressive slots have big jackpots, but your chances of winning are very slim. Video Reel Slots are more for entertainment and take longer to play, so winning here is very rare.

I hope these 5 Online Slot Machine Tips help you make the right decisions and increase your chances of winning. Always remember to read each slot machine’s rules carefully to avoid confusion and frustration since some of them tend to look rather sneaky when it comes to paying out. Always know when to stop and never go over your initial budget.